The system is a Long range hand held thermal infrared camera.

It’s one of the best systems to find gold, silver, osmium and diamond.

It’s the tomorrow’s finest high technology today from TTLD.


How it work

It can be used to detect locations of underground non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, osmium and diamond locations because they are both conductive and highly reflective, while they hold the thermal energy longer than the background or the earth around ore bodies or treasure. This heat cannot be seen with the naked eye. The Thermal Target Location and Detector (TTLD) allows you to observe the heat radiated thought this system in the infrared (IR) viewing spectrum. This well-made professional system (TTLD) will help give prospectors, mining companies and treasure hunters the visual edge they need to find the locations of “treasure” and “hot spots” for further investigation.

Various Applications and specifications of TTLD system

  • Prospecting
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Ground surveillance : Peepers, rape suspects
  • Vehicle profile: stolen, hot or cold, suspect hiding with other vehicles
  • Hidden contraband: vehicle and building, drugs, money, guns, evidence
  • Etc.

Range and Depth


  • Shallow to ~3 meters
  • Distance ~800 meters
  • Dependent on object size and thermal contrast
  • Fog and other forms of precipitation degrade infrared images
  • For optimum detection use the TTLD system in evening and during dry conditions

Also I’ll like to inform that many Secret services. Fire Fighters and Police Training Academy in USA, used infrared thermography in a three-day course designed to teach crime scene investigators how to locate both recent and old hidden grave sites. It demonstrated the value and use of this technique with special  Thermal and Infrared camera under the direction of  president and director of technical services for a specialized company on this program. The camera allowed the investigators to examine both small and large areas with 100 percent coverage. 

The group found IR thermography to be faster than any of the other techniques used in the course, including ground-penetrating radar, magnetometers and metal detectors, and it even turned up a surprise during an on-site field demonstration in an old "paupers field" cemetery. Although none of the graves was supposed to be less than 30 or 40 years old, one of them showed evidence of a recently buried body. 

Grave sites contain dead air spaces caused by the body cavities or because the soil around the caskets has not collapsed as they deteriorate. The spaces act as insulation, changing the surface temperatures above the voids, because the solar energy warming the ground surface cannot enter the soil heat sink. 

Undaunted by weather

During the demonstration, the weather conditions were less than favorable. The heavy cloud cover and light misting normally would have hampered the demonstration, because the infrared thermography technique usually requires about four hours of solar loading on the ground surfaces. But when the sun broke through, it took only 45 minutes of solar heating of the ground for the Thermal and Infrared camera to detect the grave images as they emerged from the background noise. 

Just to be sure the camera was accurate, all the graves detected were confirmed by the other techniques, such as ground-penetrating radar. However, it was apparent that the camera could reduce significantly the time and money required for such an investigation. 

Regarding the surprise that was encountered during the demonstration, the camera Delta temperature function found one area that was much warmer than the other graves detected, indicating a more recent burial. Because the Secret Services  is investigating this site, no more information is available at this time. We'll keep you posted


The Laws

Thermal cameras, depending on the useage that will making use needs and the appropriate certificates. some systems for government agencies, such as army, navy, security guard, also needs the appropriate certifications and once approved procedure proceeds of sale.
All payments are made through banks.
With the declaration of interest by the customer, opens the credit or transfer money to the account of TTLD and after all procedures certificates completed, proceed to checkout process. In case the client does not cover the required documents, the money returning.

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